Frequently Asked Questions. Stag 9000 Delay Spray

How should I apply Stag 9000 Delay Spray?

  • Applying Stag 9000 Delay Spray is quick and easy - in fact over 97.2% of our users agree that application is simple and does not interfere with the overall sexual experience.

  • Step 1: Shake the bottle gently before each use.

  • Step 2: Apply 3-10 sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. This consists of the frenulum, as well as the underside of the glans (head) and shaft of the penis.

  • Step 3: Wait 5-15 minutes or until the treated area has dried completely.

  • That's it! It's really that simple.

  • Tip #1: Try different amounts of spray until you find what works for you. Some of our users only need 1-3 sprays to get the job done, while others need upwards of 5-7 sprays.

  • Tip #2: Hold the bottle at a 90-degree angle when priming the bottle and spraying on the penis.

  • Tip #3: If you know intercourse is going to happen within the hour, but don't want to apply just before hand, you can apply a few extra sprays so that it will last longer. Stag 9000 Delay Spray can last up to two hours depending on dosage.

  • Check out this short video for in-depth training on how to apply Stag 9000 Delay Spray.

Are my items shipped discreetly? 

All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

Do I need to have an erection before applying?

  • You can apply Stag 9000 Delay Spray with or without an erection.

  • It is up to you when and where to apply it, but you may notice more targeted coverage if you can apply exactly where you need it, so we’ll leave that up to you.

  • You’ll know exactly where you’re spraying if you’re already stiff, though.

Can I use Stag 9000 Delay Spray with Condoms?

  • Yes, Stag 9000 Delay Spray can be used with all condoms.

Can I use Stag 9000 Delay Spray with lubricants?

  • Yes, and we recommend it! Personal lubricants add comfort, reduce friction and enhance the overall experience during intercourse.

  • Apply Stag 9000 Delay Spray and allow 5-12 minutes for the solution to dry and absorb before applying lubricant.

How long does it take to arrive after my order is submitted?

  • US Shipments: You can get it as soon as next day. Free shipping is sent USPS first-class mail and generally arrives within 3-5 business days.
  • Shipping times vary by service and region and can take between 1-5 days.

  • Standard (3-5 days): FREE

Can Stag 9000 Delay Spray be used when oral sex is anticipated?

  • Yes. If you know oral sex may be in the lineup (lucky you), apply first, rub it in, wait 10 minutes, and then make sure you give it a good wipe with a damp towel.

  • It’s fully absorbed by then, so it’ll still work just fine.

How long does Stag 9000 Delay Spray last?

  • Stag 9000 Delay Spray can last up to two hours depending on your dosage.